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Arcon-Sunmark is the world’s leading supplier of large-scale solar thermal installations. Collectors and design have been developed specifically to produce the high temperatures required in connection with e. g. district heating and process heating, and with our thorough installation and quality assurance procedures we provide a quick and smooth erection of the installations. The big HT solar collectors (13.57 sqm) are tested in all phases with full traceability, and all installations are designed for the specific assignment in order to offer the flexibility needed to optimize the individual solutions.

Arcon-Sunmark has supplied more than 700,000 sqm collectors which corresponds to far more than half of all large-scale solar heating installations in the word (>1,000 sqm), and we have supplied the biggest installations in the world in sizes up to 70,000 sqm.

At Arcon-Sunmark we constantly endeavour to improve our product line and we strive to offer the very best solutions by offering:
• Profound knowledge and experience in system integration and engineering, short lead times in production and quick installation
• High temperature solar collector fields optimized to in-line use (HT-HEATboost) as well as solar energy storage (HT-HEATstore)
• Innovative and elegant steel foundation mounting solutions
• Quality production facilities, with automation of key processes at our facilities in Skørping, Denmark
• Turnkey solutions covering all project phases from concept development to warranty and service or collaboration with domain specialists and partners

With our in-house engineering capacity, we hold the expertise to configure and design systems meeting individual requirements. We know what matters – since far more than half of the world’s largest flat plate solar heating plants have been constructed by Arcon-Sunmark.

Arcon-Sunmark is owned by VKR Holding – a limited holding and investment company with the objective to create value through financial investments and ownership of companies that bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people’s everyday lives.


Arcon-Sunmark HT-HEATstore and HT-HEATboost collectors can be combined to create high performance solutions
The HT solar collectors are designed to comply with the special requirements of large-scale systems. Arcon-Sunmark has in-house engineering capacity and holds the expertise to configure and design systems meeting individual requirements. The HT collector is optimized for the special requirements of large-scale systems. Based on a design with a unique foil solution, anti-reflective solar glass and a laser welded selective absorber, the HT collector offers high performance. This is essential for providing cost-efficient energy for applications such as district heating, process heat and solar cooling. The HT solar collectors have been tested at an independent European testing institute in 2013.

It is possible to connect collectors in series by means of a flexible steel hose. This minimizes the pipework and results in a smooth and cost-effective installation.

By using thoroughly tested materials from European manufacturers we ensure high quality. The solar collectors are produced at our factory in Skørping, Denmark.

If you want to learn more about HT-HEATboost collectors or the HT-HEATstore collectors, please contact Arcon-Sunmark or visit our homepage


Arcon-Sunmark’s steel foundations make elegance and sustainability go hand in hand
Instead of levelling the ground, and using moulded concrete point foundations for the solar collectors, Arcon-Sunmark has developed a new type of foundation for mounting HT solar collectors. The steel foundation has distinct advantages, because it is cheaper than concrete, easier to install and finally yet importantly, the steel is easily recyclable. And instead of thousands of square metres of concrete, the heating station will be left with recyclable steel once the installation has served its time. On top of this, the steel profiles are much easier to remove and thus the heating station actually has an added amount of savings ahead.

The steel foundation solution has a number of advantages compared to traditional concrete foundation:

• Steel foundations can be positioned with high accuracy,

• Steel foundations stay in the same position for many years, avoiding need for adjustment and correction of the solar collectors

• Steel foundations make it easy to trim the surrounding vegetation

• And finally steel foundations are an elegant and environmentally friendly solution.

Arcon-Sunmark’s steel foundations have proved to be a strong concept and have already been used in a number of installations in Denmark – for example in ECCO’s Hotel and Conference Centre and for Dronninglund’s installation with the pit heat storage.

If you want to learn more about steel foundations, please contact Arcon-Sunmark.


Seasonal thermal energy storage – a major breakthrough for solar heating
High performance solar thermal collectors combined with an enormous pit heat storage facility make the heat from the sun last all year round in Vojens and Dronninglund (Denmark).

When the radiant light and heat from the sun peaks, the need for district heating is at its lowest – and when in the cold period of the year we really need the district heating, harvesting the solar energy can be quite a challenge. This is nothing new and solar coverage therefore has been limited to 20-25% in connection with using solar heating for district heating. But now the nut is being cracked in cold Denmark. The world’s largest solar heating plants for district heating will cover up to 50% of the heat consumption in Vojens and Dronninglund – thanks to the combination of high performance solar thermal collectors and the enormous pit heat storages.

The first major installation with a seasonal storage was set up in Dronninglund and ambitions were high. In order to find a solution that would cover up to half of the consumption required by the heating station, it was necessary to think big. The plan was to install 35,000 sqm solar collectors on the area provided for the purpose. However, it turned out that ARCON solar collectors could be situated so closely together that there was room for additional 2,275 sqm.

The challenge was how to store the heat for colder times. Heating stations quite often have a storage tank containing approx. 1,000 sqm, but the pit heat storage in Dronninglund contains a total of 60,000 sqm. With the pit heat storage the challenge is turned into an advantage: The summer surplus heat is utilized for 90 degree hot water in the huge seasonal storage. And with 60 million litres of hot water in stock, the district heating consumers may gain from the solar heat well into the winter.

If you want to learn more about pit heat storage, please contact Arcon-Sunmark.


Smart solar heating solution at ECCO’s Hotel and Conference Centre in Denmark
Another example of advanced and innovative technology enables the hotel of the ECCO Conference Centre to be self-sustained with energy. Part of the energy supply is a unique and intelligent Arcon-Sunmark solar heating solution, which directly connects to the booking system of the hotel ensuring that the solar energy is used optimally and with no waste. Continuous adaptation to the occupancy rate, allows the system to operate with the highest efficiency possible.

One of the main challenges when developing the solar heating solution for ECCOs Hotel & Conference Centre in Tønder, Denmark, was to make an efficient solution regardless of great changes in energy demand. On the one hand the system has to be able to handle 100 guests who all wish to shower in the morning, and on the other hand the system has to stay efficient at times with only a few guests, capturing the surplus energy produced.

The challenge of managing the installation has been solved by connecting it to the booking system to make sure there is automatically an adequate quantity of hot water for the actual number of guests at all times. On the technical side, there is just one hot water tank of 1,000 litres, which is supported by eight backup tanks of 2,000 litres each. When the occupancy rate is low, the hot water tank manages on its own, while the backup tanks will go into operation at peak load times. All the excess energy from the solar heating system, which is not used for hot water, will be distributed efficiently to serve other purposes.

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