Members´ meeting with special focus on the German market

Date: 13/06/2013

On Thursday the 6th of June, DBDH held a members’ meeting with special focus on the German market for district heating – this time in the sunny hills of Rebild, Jutland.

The German energy market is facing major changes – green changes. Under the very ambitious plan “Energiwende”, a number of objectives has been set for the development of a greener energy sector. Greenhouse gases are to be reduced with 55% in 2030, and finally 80% in  2055. Renewable energy should have a 30% share of the final gross energy consumption in 2030 and up to 50% of the electricity consumption. With the final phase-out of nuclear power in 2022, new energy solutions are needed; this is where the flexibility, energy efficiency and sustainability of DH-solutions become interesting.  District heating is rather small on the current German energy market, with a connected load of approximately 57 00 MWth.

The day started of with a company visit to ARCON SOLAR in Skørping. As the world’s leading producer of large-scale solar systems solutions, and with more than 35 years on the market, ARCON has great experience in providing profitable and green energy solutions to district heating companies. The members got a chance to the see the high tech production line, while director Søren Elisiussen explained the steps taken to optimize performance and avoid energy waste.
After the company visit, the actual meeting started off with a presentation of three new DBDH members:

  • DanTaet, specialized in water leakage protection, represented by Tage Laurup. The company has reached great international attention trough articles in HotCool and is currently expanding on the British market.  

  • Wicotec Kirkebjerg, Denmarks’ leading contractor on district heating plans, represented by Niels Høg Klausen. Their main goal is getting new contacts through DBDH and valuable knowledge about the international market.

  • Høje Taastrup Forsyning, the largest 100% privately owned Danish districted heating company, represented by Rudi Bjerregaard. The interest in district cooling was the main reason for entering DBDH. Høje Taastrup Forsyning has the costumers and was hoping to find the right company to deliver a district cooling solution.

The first speaker on the German market was Stephan Orita from AGFW (The national German organization for district heating). Stephan guided the members through the objectives of “Energiwende” and the position and possibilities for DH on the German market. Being rather skeptical about the connection between the goals of the politicians and reality, he still saw a great potential for DH and CHP. Most importantly for the development was the political power supporting DH and the will to create projects big enough to attract the necessary investments.
Dennis Holte Albertsen from the Danish embassy in Germany presented a short but important lesson from his experience with Danish companies entering the German marked – Go together, Germany is big. Even big actors on the Danish market easily becomes small in the German competition. By going together it gets more interesting for the German contractors to get involved with foreign companies.

The other German speaker of the day was Arne Jan Hinz from the local Stadtwerke in Schwäbisch Hall. With great passion for the local initiatives, he presented how DH works on the ground level in a smaller German city. Focus was on the needs and expectations from a local owned energy community, which would often be a typical customer for a DH-system.

Claus Brun, Ececutive Vice President from LOGSTOR was the final speaker of the day. He has over 40 years of experience with the German market and he gave some concrete advice on entering the market, which summed up a lot of the points from the former speakers:

  • Study the conditions of the tender/contract carefully – contract matters and Germans want everything on paper.
  • Be aware of important regional differences – technical specifications and standards might vary
  • Build up a contact with local contractors before sending an offer – they will never consider a foreign company they do not know
  • Set up a part of your business in Germany, entrance barriers and wages are relatively low

The members’ meeting ended with a short presentation of DBDH’s activities by Lars Hummelmose, and a vote to change the subscription structure of DBDH.

After the interesting debate on the German market, there was time for a little walk and talk on a guided tour in beautiful hills of Rebild, before the final evening dinner.


Next DBDH meeting will take place in Bjerringbro and Silkeborg September 11 2013.

Presentations from the meeting are attached below:


ARCON SOLAR: ARCON corporate pres – Besøg fra DBDH 06.06.13.pdf

DanTaet: DanTaet.pdf

Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme: Høje Taastrup.pdf

LOGSTOR: LOGSTOR in Germany.pdf

Statwerk: Stadtwerke.pdf