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Members meeting – DBDH’s digital success of the year

by Elaine

Theme: The role of district heating – sector coupling 2.0

DBDH’s final members meeting of the year commenced at 13:30 today, Thursday 3rd December 2020 and focused on District Heating’s role in the greater energy system.

Jan Strømvig, Chairman of DBDH opened and welcomed participants and the expert speakers at what was to be another well attended digital event, with extremely enthusiastic contributors and presenters.

Sector Coupling: Where are we today and what is the path of development?
A smart energy system that does away with silo thinking and a welcome to a holistic view of how energy is produced, distributed, consumed and stored across energy carriers and sectors. See full contents here
Tina Kramer Kristensen, Global division director, Rambøll

What’s up and down on hydrogen and energy islands?
How is hydrogen made? Where should hydrogen be made? When can hydrogen matter? What should hydrogen be used for? What is the Economy of Hydrogen? See full contents here
Rasmus Bo Bramstoft Pedersen, Post Doc, DTU

3 breakaway workshops

Sector Coupling: What is the effect for utilities?
See full contents here
Charles Nielsen, Director, TREFOR

Sector coupling: What is the effect for the industry?
See full contents here
Frank Taaning Grundholm, Vice President, Global HVACR, ABB

The potential for Power to X in the central Denmark
A strategic collaboration consisting of Everfuel, Shell and partners builds hydrogen plants. Does district heating play a role, and why and how, or why not? See full contents here (Everfuel) and here (TVIS)
Nicolaj Bruuni Rasmussen, Business Development Director, Everfuel and Jørgen Nielsen, CEO, TVIS

A Site Visit to Assens
Viewing the video, gave the attendees the opportunity to see at first hand, the expert presentation at Assens.
Renewable Cogeneration – a project from Assens.
From cogeneration requirements to cogeneration obligation. Even with large amounts of renewable energy sources, we are committed to always striving for the highest energy quality.
Film and Chat with Marc Roar Hintze, CEO, Assens Fjernvarme

Enjoy the films here:

A debate closed the discussion, moderated by Jan Strømvig, Fjernvarme Fyn, Chairman of  the board, DBDH.

The members meeting ended with the “Innovation Market” – Jes Donneberg, CSP Aalborg gave an insight into new pit storage solutions, that are to be built in Denmark the coming year.