by Linda Bertelsen
Digital district heating

Historically, KMD was owned by the Danish municipalities before being made a private company. KMD was later on bought by NEC Corporation, which focused on the energy sector through their NEC Smart Energy Solution.

KMD is among Denmark’s largest IT companies, with branches in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg employing more than 3000 employees. Most of KMD’s business originates from our software development. We develop, deliver, and operate software and business-critical software for the utility sector, financial sector, and the public sector, where we have over 400 IT solutions.

KMD is technologically agnostic and has a broad range of capabilities. KMD has focused on the energy sector, where we have more than 200 customers and 30 years of experience and industry-specific knowledge of the Danish energy and utility sector.

Furthermore, KMD has an extensive partner network with possibilities of drawing upon industry specific knowledge and expertise.

KMD EnergyKey is an IT solution that gathers and ensures the utility company’s energy data for billing, operation optimization, and energy consulting. Among other things, KMD EnergyKey calculates energy consumption, historical data, and budget variations.

Furthermore, it presents the results in an easily understandable context as required by the user. KMD EnergyKey can accumulate data from all essential loggers and remote reading systems and ensure independence from meter suppliers and is available as SaaS on Microsoft Azure.

KMD EnergyKey Insight

How can your business respond to a more disruptive world? By acting flexible, agile and be prepared. That requires using data and analytics to uncover more of the unseen – and acting early enough to make an impact. With KMD EnergyKey Insight you get a module that makes it easy to use meter data and energy consumption for Business Intelligence analytics.

The lifeblood of any organization is the quality and speed of its data-driven decision making, and as BI technology continues to advance, those decisions will need to happen faster than ever. The combination of human experience and interpretation, BI and analytics, will move the needle in 2021.

  • Prioritize a reassessment of your data-to-insights process. Many firms vastly underutilize rich data sources.
  • Identify the use cases with the greatest near-term impact. Many low hanging fruits are not collected due to lack of
  • Consider new or emerging analytical approaches. KMD EnergyKey Insight gives you a new insight into your

We need tools that collect and correlate information about the energy supply itself and about the underlying infrastructure. That should include data about supply performance, events, logs, transactions, and more. Only with this full complement – and correlation – of data, organizations can understand what is happening with their supply chain. It is important to ensure to perform as expected to yield the desired business results.

Traditional, domain-centric monitoring and IT operations management tools are now inadequate because they can’t correlate the onslaught of data from more and more domains. What’s more, they’re unable to provide the insights data operations teams need to proactively manage their environments – and that just doesn’t work.

Energy supply organizations need advanced data applications to modernize the energy data operations process. This technology needs to be able to correlate millions of data points across all data domains. It should have the smarts to apply business intelligence to detect patterns and it should present that information so organizations can easily see what’s happening and gain insights. This application platform is KMD EnergyKey Insight.

The KMD EnergyKey Insight modules are developed in collaboration with our customers, and we agree requirements for the solution based on the wishes and needs the customers have in relation to advanced access to data from EnergyKey.

KMD EnergyKey Insight simplifies how you access data and helps you gain insights to infer profitable recommendations for action. Our business intelligence solutions provide you with valid figures and comprehensible analyses along the entire value chain.

Together with our customers we define, develop, and implement these insights, making them useful, relevant, and valuable. With KMD Energy Insight Energy companies today will be finding as much profit in managing their captured “data” as they can in the actual producing of a finished product.

KMD EnergyKey is a cloud solution for data retrieval and quality control, analysis, and calculation of energy data as well as a data platform for use in consumption billing, energy management and consulting and operational optimization.

“The Member Company profile KMD A/S” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 4/2020. You can download the article here:
Member Company Profile - KMD AS, Hot Cool, no. 4, 2020