by Linda Bertelsen
View from above towards east with views of Church of Our Savior and Amager Ressource Center

Energy Management – the smart way

Brunata is a family-owned business delivering energy metering for more than 100 years. Today, our company is part of the Minol group and is well-known all over Europe for intelligent submetering solutions, primarily in residential buildings.

Our solution is a unique IoT network based on long-range LoRaWAN® technology. Via this network, we can collect data from meters and sensors and return them to users as clear and accessible information on PC, tablet, or mobile. The result is a complete overview, which saves service calls and makes it easier to be proactive, especially when problems are detected – for instance, when the return water to district heating is too hot or when there is a leakage in the water consumption.

The whole idea is to make administration less time-consuming, providing tools for reducing energy consumption, protecting
the environment, and in general to increase life quality for residents.

Next step: Utilities

Brunata now takes the technology one step further, offering intelligent solutions on a larger scale to district energy utilities. The big advantage lies in the LoRaWAN technology – an open platform that can not only receive data from thousands of metering units but is also able to work over very long distances.

This means metering becomes a lot easier in remote and thinly populated areas of the district, from the single isolated village to the small farm on the hill. Plus, naturally more densely populated parts with apartment buildings and businesses.

With LoRaWAN, it is possible to install digital meters for remote reading in any part of the district with uniform low costs.

Saving time, energy, and money

The LoRaWAN technology will save administration time for utility customers. But most importantly it will make it easier for them to follow the consumption closely. With network technology, it is no longer necessary to limit reading to once a year. The data will keep flowing and energy consumption can be measured monthly, weekly, or even by the hour.

Receiving data more often will limit the risk of a sudden increase in energy consumption. For instance, a leak in the system can be detected and stopped before too much energy is wasted and the economic consequences get out of hand.

The customer will constantly have a picture of the energy flow and can take measures to save energy. We know there is a lot of data involved in the process. And this is why we – based on our expertise in cost allocation – offer to manage and visualize energy data for both utilities and their customers. Brunata is already providing these services through our sister companies in Austria and Norway and more countries are in the pipeline.

Working residents, building administrators and utilities, for a smarter and greener future

Energy will naturally be a central issue for future society, as will life quality and environment. That is why the Brunatas network supports Smart Building, Smart City, and Smart Municipality. Presenting sustainable and intelligent solutions for citizens of tomorrow.

The base is an ‘internet of things’ which works “plug and play” with a huge variety of compatible units creating new possibilities for administration and residents. For instance monitoring outdoor light sources, doors and windows, waste containers, available parking places, e-bike charging stations, and much more.

The future is already here. With Brunata it is just a matter of letting it in.

“Brunata Member company profile” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 2/2020. You can download the article here:
Brunata Member Company profile, Hot Cool no. 2, 2020