by Linda Bertelsen
Aalborg CSP

Changing energy around the world with customized renewable energy solutions

AalborgCSPA/S isa leadingdeveloper andsupplierof innovative renewable energy technologies aiming at changing the way energy is produced today. Relying on extensive experience from some of the most efficient CSP projects worldwide, the company designs and delivers green technologies and integrated energy systems to lower cost of energy for industries
and power plants worldwide.

The company’s main business areas focus on delivering solutions that utilize more than 30 years of thermal engineering experience. This experience has left Aalborg CSP with a deep understanding of individual thermal energy needs as well as technology and system integration and optimization with key competencies such as performance modeling and system design.

From traditional power boilers to renewable energy technologies

The history of Aalborg CSP A/S is rooted in the development of traditional power boilers. At the millennium turn, the focus switched from power boilers to renewable energy and energy storage. Applying general boiler principles to the solar industry positioned the company both as a well-known player on the industrial and district heating market and among globally leading steam generator suppliers within the CSP power plant segment.

CSP stands for concentrated solar power, which refers to the specific solar technology where the sun’s energy is reflected onto a fixed point. Aalborg CSP has participated in the development of various types of CSP plants in multiple locations around the world, including Denmark, Spain, France, Turkey, China, India, Australia, and the UAE. The technology is, thus, a well-known territory for the company.

CSP is, however, not the only technology the company works with. In recent years, Aalborg CSP has focused on integrating and combining different energy technologies in the best possible way to optimize the world’s energy sources. The company focuses on renewable energy in general, working with a wide range of technologies, including solar technologies such as parabolic troughs and solar towers, integrated energy systems, boilers, heat pumps, and high- and low-temperature storage solutions.

From conventional fossil fuels to green energy with thermal energy storage, Aalborg CSP matches individual energy needs with the right systems and technologies to design the most value-adding solution by offering a palette of tailor-made solutions. The most recent additions to the Aalborg CSP technology and solution palette are customized Pit Thermal Energy Storage (PTES) solutions and unique PTES lids.

In June 2020, the company acquired all legal rights and patents to a unique lid technology. The lid’s unique design enables dewatering and prevents the accumulation of moisture in the lid construction, thus minimizing heat loss and thereby improving the efficiency and reliability of the storage.

A Pit Thermal Energy storage is a large water reservoir used for storing thermal energy – a highly cost-efficient energy storage solution. It enables storing excess heat from solar heating plants, power plants, or industrial processes and excess electricity produced by wind or PV for later use in district heating networks. The excess energy is stored as low-temperature heat and released later when the demand for heating and hot water is high.

The technology is a vital element in deploying the flexible energy system that will enable the conversion from conventional fossil fuel energy to green energy. It allows utility companies to optimize the efficiency and flexibility of their supply and provides them with the necessary reliability and operational stability for long-term infrastructure projects.

“Aalborg CSP A/S Member company profile” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 3/2020. You can download the article here:
Aalborg CSP Member company profile, Hot Cool no. 3, 2020