Meeting with the Mayor of Ternopil, television broadcast

Date: 24/04/2015

Earlier this week, the Danish Embassy of Ukraine and DBDH together conducted a DH Sector Visit to Ukraine. The visit took take place in the period 20th to 23rd April and focused on cities in the western part of Ukraine: Kamyanetsk-Podilsky & Ternopil.

The focus of the event was to meet relevant partners and stakeholders in the cities comprised by the World Bank Project + District Heating Energy Efficiency (DHEE). It proved a unique opportunity to discuss possibilities for cooperation between Danish companies and the relevant parties and decision makers on the World Bank projects, district heating companies and their project teams, city administration, contractors and other relevant stakeholders. The Danish participating companies met with the parties, and discussed and presented their solutions during seminars, meetings and networking activities.

The major expected outcome of the DH Sector Visit is the district heating knowledge and technology transfer from Denmark to Ukraine, contributing to the Danish export increase in the district heating market and at the same time developing the Ukrainian market for district heating into more innovative and energy efficient one.

The city Ternopil is seriously considered to be included in the list of the World Bank project, and Ternopil has good experience in cooperation with international financial institutions.

At the meeting with the Mayor, Chubak Vasyl, in the Mayor’s office on Wednesday 22 April, following companies particiated:
The Danish Energy Agency
Aalborg Engineering

The meeting attracted a lot of attention resulted in some good television coverage see below:

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