Market soundings for the Dublin district heating system

Date: 19/11/2018

This market sounding is being conducted to solicit market feedback in order to assist the Doublin City Council (DCC) define various aspects of the project and understand the role external parties could feasibly play in the Dublin District Heating System (DDHS).

The objective of the market sounding is to gather industry views on:

  • market demand and supply conditions of the Irish heat market
  • appetite to participate as a Delivery Partner to DCC in the delivery of the Project
  • potential contract structures for the delivery and operation of the project network along with heat purchase, sales, marketing and capturing of the required DDHS customer base
  • the technical and non- technical challenges facing the implementation of a district heating system in the Irish market
  • potential availability of third party, private funding and financial/commercial challenges
  • Potential green construction techniques and innovation that could apply to the delivery and operation of the DDHS.

This market sounding exercise seeks to gather information and DCC encourages respondents to provide feedback. DCC invites respondents to request meetings to discuss clarifications in advance of providing feedback to this questionnaire, should they require it meeting will be accommodated. Equally DCC may request meetings with respondents following respondents’ questionnaire submissions.

More important information:

Response deadline (Irish time): 11-12-2018 17:00

Type of Contract: Works

Contracting authority: Dublin City Council

Currency: EUR

Find the link to the market sounding here.