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by Linda Bertelsen
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By leading the way in advanced engineering for over 250 years, MAN Energy Solutions has built a unique portfolio of technologies for the marine, energy, and industrial sectors.


ETES heat pump solution after successful testings at MAN Energy Solutions in Zurich, Switzerland.

Headquartered in Germany, the company employs around 14,000 people at over 120 sites globally.

MAN Energy Solutions enables its customers to achieve sustainable value creation in transitioning towards a carbon-neutral future. The energy transition is, in fact, a heat transition, as more than 50% of end-use energy consumption is heat, and around 40 % of global carbon emissions come from heat generation. At MAN Energy Solutions, we supply heat pumps for district heating and the process industry to drive this transition. Running on green electricity, they have virtually zero emissions. In addition, we concentrate on eco-friendly coolants such as CO2.

Straight to zero-emissions heating

MAN Energy Solutions will deliver the first cross-sectoral heat pump unit system to the port city of Esbjerg in Denmark. The technology solution will be installed in a new district heating plant and replace the existing coal-fired power plant scheduled for decommissioning in 2023. Energy to power the system will be supplied from nearby wind farms, and the Bay of Ho (Ho Bugt) in the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be employed as a heating resource. With an overall heating capacity of 50 MW, the plant will supply around 100,000 local inhabitants with climate-neutral heat.


  • Heat pump solution provider
  • Energy management
  • Energy storage
  • Decarbonization


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Responsible for business development for the MAN ETES heat pump technology at MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland Ltd.
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