Major potential for further expansion of Polish-Danish relations

Date: 13/05/2014

Press release by DI on the occasion of the visit of the Danish Crown Prince Couple to Poland (executive summary)

There is rich potential for further expanding re-lations between Denmark and Poland. Since the EU membership in 2004 the Polish economy has undergone a very positive development with eco-nomic growth rates averaging four per cent an-nually. The International Monetary Fund expects the Polish economy to continue expanding, the prosperity of the 38.5 million Polish people to increase markedly and also expects a considera-ble growth in Polish imports. The Polish-Danish trade relations are already well-established with trade in goods reaching a total value of EUR 4.5 billion in 2013 and trade in services amounting to EUR 1 billion in 2012. Additionally, Poland has been very successful in attracting foreign in-vestment which is up 166 per cent since 2004. This major increase also includes Danish invest-ment. More than 500 Danish businesses with 55.0000 employees are already present in Po-land and more are expected to follow as the Polish government sets focus on a wide range of sectors such as infrastructure, environmental matters and health care.

Source: DI – Confederation of Danish Industry