Major investment required in Bucharest heat network modernisation

Date: 03/03/2017

Bucharest electricity and heat producer ELCEN says Romania’s capital city will require a EUR1bn investment in order to modernise its operations.

ELCEN added that the modernization of the entire district heating system managed by public heat distribution corporation RADET requires EUR800m.

RADET Bucharest special administrator Sorin Chirita told the forum “The Capital’s Energy Strategy” of the need on Wednesday.

“The mission of the new energy corporation the establishment of which yesterday got the Bucharest General Council’s nod of approval is to be an electricity producer and supplier, not a transporter and distributor, and the investments we plan are actually correlated with and complement these new investments.”

“An indicative amount of the investments we propose for the modernization of the centralized heat and cogeneration system is EUR800 million – EUR1bn, for the overhaul of ELCEN’s cogeneration plants. Another roughly EUR800m are necessary for the modernization of the entire district heating system currently managed by RADET.

“Add EUR20-30m for the new cogeneration sources, and this does not include a large waste heat recovery plant project, which is already underway.”

Source: COSPP