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Luxury paper giant places record order with Dall Energy.

by Linda Bertelsen

Photo @Dall Energy

The Danish biomass and pyrolysis company Dall Energy has landed the largest order ever for a three-digit million sum from the French luxury paper giant – Clairefontaine.

– We are beyond satisfied to have received an order from such an iconic French industrial group. This proves that our patented, scalable, and unique gasification technology can do something that no one else in our industry can do – but which many need – concerning, for example, the green transition in the process and production industry. Not least in France, where we expect even more deals in the coming years, says sales manager Ann Bouisset from Dall Energy.

An exclusive solution for a high-end company

In France, all energy consumption in the industry will be switched away from natural gas soon. Companies like Clairefontaine are looking for technology to help them here. Fast and efficient.

Clairefontaine is known and recognized in its home country as a high-end paper product and a pioneering company with sustainable operations focusing on preserving forests and streams.

Dall Energy’s technology fits this perfectly.

It is the best business case for the company’s financial and green bottom line, says a spokesperson from Clairefontaine.

– The choice of Dall Energy is primarily for two reasons: Firstly, the technology makes it possible to use different energy sources, resulting in significantly better business. Secondly, the technology in the plant makes operations much more flexible. Dall Energy’s plant is a scalable solution that can be adjusted down to 10% in energy consumption.

Third French order

Dall Energy has previously delivered a plant to the French energy company Dalkia in Rouen and has also entered into a contract for a 9.9 MW biomass gasification and combustion plant for the French energy company Coriance.

The facility will be built in Salon de Procence near Marseille in the south of France. Here it must be part of an already existing district heating network, which is to be expanded, and function in conjunction with a solar heating system.

The luxury paper mill will also benefit from Dall Energy’s gasification technology.


  • The largest deal in Dall Energy’s history at a three-digit million dollar amount
  • Dall Energy’s plant allows using residual biomass from forestry and waste from production.
  • The flue gas (CO2) from the plant is captured by CCS and used in manufacturing.
  • Clairefontaine is a French family-owned paper manufacturer with more than 3,500 employees in Europe and Africa, and in 2021 the group had a turnover of almost €7 million.

Source: Dall Energy

Translated from the Danish District Heating Association