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Lots of jobs in district heating

by dbdh

Køge District Heating creates 80 jobs per year – in a period of eight years, according to transmission company VEKS.

In total, Køge´s new district heating system will cover about 90 km of pipes. And the construction is progressing as planned. So far, supply has been laid in the southwest of the town of Køge, and work is taking place in the area of Køge Harbour. In addition to the many kilometers of pipes in the ground, the district heating system also includes two peak boilers and a pumping station.

The construction work in Køge provides direct jobs for around 80 people – in addition, it also creates jobs indirectly for producers, consultants, transport etc.

But not only Køge offers jobs in district heating. A study by the Danish District Heating Association estimates that in 2013 district heating projects worth a total of five billion DKK have been initiated – projects that create approximately 6,000 jobs.

Source: The Danish District Heating Association 



























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