London’s new business district hots up and goes green

Date: 15/08/2017

A £7.9 million energy contract has been awarded for the first phase of a new business district in London.

Sustainable solutions provider Vital Energi has been appointed as Chinese developer ABP’s preferred partner to build, operate and maintain the temporary energy centre and district heating and cooling networks for its £1.7 billion development at the Royal Albert Dock.

The first phase of the 4.7 million square foot project will see the installation of two 5MW gas boilers, an insulated thermal store, four 1.2MW air-cooled chillers and an integrated control system.

A 2.6 kilometre district heating and cooling network will supply 50,000 square metres of commercial space with low carbon energy.

Much of the system’s piping will be bespoke to reduce the number of welds required and accelerate its installation – completion of the first phase is said to be on course for early 2019.

Regional Director for Vital Energi, Rob Callaghan, said: “The Royal Albert Dock is one of three projects where we are installing both district heating and cooling networks, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

“It has been fantastic to work alongside other highly acclaimed businesses through the consultancy stage and we look forward to delivering the energy solution for this exciting new development at Royal Albert Dock.”