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by Linda Bertelsen
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Fishing port in Lolland, Denmark

Lolland Energi Holding A/S embarks on an exciting energy journey in the coming years.

Lolland-Falster, as a geographical region, produces approximately eight times more renewable energy than is locally consumed. The societal imperative for a rapid transition in energy production is well supported in Lolland, given the ample land available for renewable energy installations, coupled with ambitious initiatives and space for large consuming facilities. Through a dynamic and innovative multi-utility approach, Lolland aims to advance sector coupling, leading the way in initiatives such as capturing significant surplus heat from future process industries within the PtX (Power-to-X) domain.

Advancing sustainable sector coupling and resource integration

As a multi-utility provider, the company is actively pursuing strategic objectives, mapping, concretizing, and leveraging opportunities for sector coupling between water, energy, and resources/waste while facilitating synergies among forthcoming major enterprises. The utility expects to produce and supply technical water to PtX and other high-consumption industries. Simultaneously, it anticipates that Lolland Heat will increasingly absorb large quantities of surplus heat for use in the district heating network, with a model for regional distribution across existing heat networks being considered.

Facts about Lolland Heat A/S

Lolland Forsyning premises

Lolland Heat delivers 100% CO2-neutral district heating to private households and businesses in Nakskov, Søllested, as well as in Bandholm, Reersnæs, Nørreballe, Østofte, and Stokkemarke (referred to as Midtlolland).

Line of business

  • District heating
  • Water supply
  • Power-to-X

Countries of interest

All countries

Contact info

Lolland Forsyning A/S
Stavangervej 13 4900 Nakskov, Denmark Tel: +45 7230 1111 E-mail: forsyning@lollandforsyning.dk
Anders B. Møller-Hansen
E-mail: amh@Lollandforsyning.dk