LOGSTOR strives for a German district heating boom

Date: 05/04/2017

The German district heating market will be multiplied in the coming years. Logstor, as well as other companies in the industry, predicts billion potential.

“In five years, our business in Germany may have dobled. It is our next biggest market today, and I think it will be the biggest if we look to the future”, says managing director Søren Eskildsen. Logstor sells for more than 200 million DKK in Germany, corresponding to 23% of the market.

Eskildsen and Logstor last week inaugurated their new regional office in Hamburg, which is regarded as Germany’s new energy solutions hub. The city has, as the first in Germany, decided to invest massively in the expansion of a district heating network, with wind power and solar as energy sources as opposed to coal and nuclear plants. According to Logstor’s regional manager, it is only within the last couple of yeras that Germany has eyed the opportunities to use sun and wind as energy source for district heating. The alternative energy is stored as hot water in district heating plants and thus ensures a more stable energy supply.

In total, the industry exports district heating technology for Germany worth 800 million DKK, and an annual growth of 7% is expected.

Three out of four companies in the industry are exporting to Germany. Denmark’s ambassador in Germany, Friis Arne Petersen, also sees a great potential:  “The German market for district heating is many times bigger than the Danish, also because of a coverage of 10-12 compared to over 60% in Denmark”.


Source: Børsen