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LOGSTOR continues its green journey with DIN Forsyning

by Elaine
LOGSTOR’s journey towards 100% recycling and the circular economy has so far been marked solely by successful projects confirming that green district heating is here to stay.
The climate-friendly Danish projects, where the mantle is made of external recycled plastic from end-of-life district heating and water pipes, indicate that we are well on the way to a sustainable future. As a leading pipe supplier, we therefore make every contribution to the climate improvements and reduction of CO₂ emissions.

Our vision is that in the long term we will produce the entire pre-insulated pipe, i.e. the media pipe, the foam and the sheath of recyclable materials. However, it may be a few years before the 100% recyclable district heating pipe is a reality, as industry standards have to keep up, so we take one layer at a time to achieve our vision.

A shared vision and good cooperation
As the next part of our journey towards energy efficient and sustainable district heating, we have started cooperation with DIN Forsyning, where two major renovation projects in Esbjerg will be the start of a longer collaborative journey.

More specifically, it is the establishment of more than 2 km of green district heating pipes in the mantle dimensions ø500 mm and ø560 mm when the district heating network at Skolebakken and Fyrparken in Esbjerg is to be renovated. DIN Forsyning, which so shares our green vision, is excited about this sustainable development.

“It is certainly a collaboration with ambition. It is our ambition that we should increasingly use district heating pipes made of recyclable materials. However, it requires testing and experience, and we therefore start small, so we know that the new pipes live up to the usual high quality. We believe that we achieve greater results together than separately, and LOGSTOR is part of our journey from skilled to sustainable”, says Thomas Bornhøft who is Recycling and Distribution Manager at DIN Forsyning.

This renovation project is another step towards circular economy and entails, among other things, an environmental saving of at least 32 tons of CO₂ using 20 tons of recycled plastic instead of new plastic produced.

We can always do more
In addition to the obvious savings that the green pipes contribute, we have added a new recycling effort that will further lift our cooperation.

Logstor pipes are, as is well known, always supplied with red plastic protective caps, which under normal circumstances are not recycled.

In order to minimise plastic waste, we are introducing a return concept, which is that we should recycle instead of discarding.

When installing our green district heating pipes, DIN Forsyning will collect all red plastic protection caps and send them back to LOGSTOR. Here they will either be recycled at LOGSTOR or melted down to be used for something else.

“Although recycling is not a new concept for LOGSTOR, we still need innovative and visionary partners. Therefore, we are super pleased that DIN Forsyning will be part of our journey towards creating energy efficient and sustainable district heating for the benefit of future generations”, says Christian Schrøder, Sales Director at LOGSTOR.