LOGSTOR announces Kim Christensen as new President and CEO

Date: 25/08/2017

LOGSTOR’s Board of Directors has appointed Kim Christensen as new President and Chief Executive Officer of LOGSTOR as of October 1st 2017. Kim Christensen has been a member of the LOGSTOR Board of Directors since 2014 and has been actively involved in setting the current strategy. In the interim, CFO Henning Bejer Beck will remain acting CEO.

“I am pleased to present our new CEO today. Kim Christensen knows the market and LOGSTOR very well based on his 27 years of experience from Danfoss and from his position as Board member of LOGSTOR. He is a well-rounded general manager with strong record of accomplishment from his positions at Danfoss. The Board of Directors look forward to having Kim lead the continuous efforts to transform LOGSTOR into the customer’s first choice and world leader in district heating and cooling as well as oil and gas markets,” said Anders Thelin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, LOGSTOR.

Kim Christensen is a seasoned CEO with extensive international management experience. He has been creating significant value in all his former assignments within Danfoss, a global industrial player that addresses the world’s largest challenges in Energy, Climate, Food and Infrastructure. He has held many international senior leadership positions and worked in a truly global environment with sales and operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Russia, China etc. He holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor degree in Marketing – both from University of Aalborg.

“As a member of the LOGSTOR Board of Directors during the last three years, I have learned a lot about the company and been actively involved in setting the strategic agenda. In the role as CEO, my focus will be on executing on the set strategy. We expect markets to grow in the years to come, but we expect to grow even more by listening to the needs of our customers. To do that, we need to stay very competitive and earn customer loyalty. We have the best products in the insulated pipes industry, highly qualified and dedicated employees and great business potential. Together with the entire LOGSTOR organisation I look forward to transforming this potential into sustainable business results as I move from the board to the position as CEO,” said Kim Christensen.

For further information or enquiries to President and CEO Kim Christensen or Chairman Anders Thelin, please contact VP Group HR and Corporate Communication Torben Reimer at +45 2224 8222.