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Ljubljana encourages district heating to combat pollution

by dbdh

Ljubljana plans to replace more individual heating, a major source of pollution in the Slovenia capital, with district heating to fight climate change, local media reported on Wednesday.

About three quarters of Slovenian housing use either district heating or municipal gas. Energetika Ljubljana, the municipal power and heating company, aims to increase the share of homes using district heating by launching a new gas-steam project, the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) reported, citing Doris Kukovicic, who heads the Green Capital activities at Energetika Ljubljana.

The first phase of the project has been completed. Another two 50 megawatts turbines will be installed as part of the city’s measures to gradually replace coal with gas. The whole project is expected to be concluded by 2020.

Individual heating units are not regulated and are one of the main sources of pollution in Ljubljana. Since Ljubljana is located in a basin, all the dust particles come to the city, according to Doris Kukovicic.

Ljubljana, which was named European Green Capital 2016, has dedicated November this year to combatting climate change.

Apart from individual heating units, vehicle emissions have also become a major source of pollution in Ljubljana. The city is introducing more vehicles powered by natural gas and electricity. To do this, Kukovicic said that more charging stations needed to be set up.