Linka Energy acquires Weiss

Date: 14/01/2020

Last year, Linka celebrated its 40th anniversary and have in recent years built a strong organization which in the group today, accumulates to a total of 90 employees. Since the acquisition of Jernforsen in 2018, the two companies have been the industry’s absolute spearheads in the supply of biomass and waste-based energy plants and this position is further strengthened with the acquisition of Weiss.

“The acquisition provides Linka Energy Group with a further strengthening of the group’s product portfolio, as well as the knowledge and long-standing special skills that Weiss employees already apply to their existing customers,” says Thomas Gaardbo, CEO of Linka Energy and continues; “We are looking forward to welcoming Weiss into our group. We see great potential in expanding our offerings to the market with the good products and strong competencies that they have built in Weiss and we are confident that the acquisition will bring many new opportunities for both new and existing customers. In that way, the acquisition will be a benefit to all parties.”

Weiss are specialists in advising and servicing biomass and waste-based boilers all over Europe and have historically supplied many customized energy plants using both biomass and other waste products. The company continues to own all technical and design rights to the plants that have been built over the years and thus possesses a very detailed system insight that already benefits the company’s customers.

“We are looking forward to an exciting collaboration with our new colleagues and the company Linka, which has a strong position in the market for biomass plants. Together we have a lot of knowledge and experience that will benefit our customers in the future,” says Kenneth Iversen, CEO of Weiss. He also highlights, that Linka has many exciting projects in the execution phase, on the drawing board and at the same time has many interesting solutions in the product portfolio.

Both companies continue as independent companies with Thomas Gaardbo as CEO of Linka Energy and Kenneth Iversen as CEO of Weiss.

From the left: CEO Thomas Gaardbo and chairman Brian Pedersen, Linka Energy, CEO Kenneth Iversen, Weiss