Lidegaard: EU green energy deal best way to sanction Russia

Date: 09/10/2014

In a telephone interview, Martin Lidegaard told Reuters it was not the time to strengthen or weaken economic sanctions imposed on Moscow by the EU over Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

But Lidegaard said Moscow’s seizure of Crimea and a gas row between Ukraine and Russia should change the EU’s energy relationship with Russia once and for all.

EU climate and energy regulation for 2030 should serve as a clear message that Europe was weaning itself off Russian fuel.

“Right now, I think the present regime is the right one. I don’t think we should relinquish it,” Lidegaard said of EU sanctions.

“But an ambitious climate and energy package that will impact investment now, if everybody knows we are heading in another direction, that would be a non-aggressive action, rather than going for more sanctions right now. That would be the right way to send a firm signal.”