by dbdh

At the Global District Energy Climate Summit held in conjunction with the New York Climate Week, Euroheat & Power and IDEA teamed up for the event in New York and gathered 150 internationally recognised thought leaders from the key district energy disciplines of science, industry, policy and finance to address today´s critical issues.

The Summit aims to raise awareness in society, concerning current climate issues and to spotlight the potential of district energy in this regard. The different sessions discussed how cities, municipalities, and companies can turn the challenges into opportunities by making the best use of local energy.
This Summit delivered ideas on actionable strategies to cut emissions and featured proven examples of the industries best practices from North America, Europe and the Middle East. The event allowed industry and policymakers to share insights on successful development, deployment and optimisation of district energy.

“Nearly one year after the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, governors, mayors and public officials are facing up to the real challenges of planning for public safety and economic disruption from more severe weather events,” said IDEA President & CEO Robert Thornton. “They are seeking practical guidance from the energy industry on how to enhance reliability through more robust and resilient infrastructure and District Energy has an important role to play.”

Frédéric Hug, President of Euroheat & Power commented “Though our energy and environmental challenges are global, the most appropriate solutions often turn out to be local, particularly when it comes to heating and cooling. This Summit comes at a time of growing awareness that cities can play a vital role in making the energy transition a reality. Municipal administrations, with their intimate knowledge of local resources and needs, are increasingly shifting from passive observers in the energy debate to powerful agents of progress and change, including via increased support for district energy networks. Decisive local action, allied to strong European and national policy frameworks for district energy, will be key to achieving a more efficient, secure and sustainable energy model in Europe and around the world. Euroheat & Power, together with its members and partners, is committed to ensuring that these regulatory preconditions are put in place, not least in the context of the nascent debate about the EU’s energy strategy up to 2030”.

Source: press release Euroheat & Power