Latvian District Heating Sector – BIG attendance, promising dialogues!

Date: 07/12/2020

Latvian district heating sector met with members of DBDH during two webinars on 27th November and 2nd December.

In a cooperation between the Latvian District Heating Association (LDHA), the Danish Embassy in Riga and DBDH, two webinars on district heating solutions and technologies were arranged in order to exchange information on the district heating sector in the two countries.

Both webinars were opened by Danish ambassador Flemming Stender, and followed by a presentation by LDHA informing about the current status of DH in Latvia and visions for the future development. The two webinars focused on energy efficiency and smart technologies as well as the production and distribution side touching upon the use of renewable energy sources, in short, almost the full story of Danish district heating as required by LDHA. The topics were covered by - all in all - 13 members of DBDH.

The webinars were followed by more than 50 attendees and both times resulted in good dialogues between speakers and audience.