Lars Hummelmose: Export promotions require a lot more money

Date: 10/07/2014

The new export initiative “vækstpakken”only has money for 2016 in a new export initiatives, and this does not create success, Lars Hummelmose, Managing Director in DBDH, to Danish national newspaper Jyllandsposten. It is a good initiative, but also a very short-term initiative.

In the district heating industry it is agreed that it is already problematic for new export promotions, because the employement of the energy consultants at the embassies in China, Germany and the UK only goes for the rest of 2014 and into 2015. This is a very short time.

“We are happy about the measure, but in order to be genuinely effective, the scheme will have to run for more than eighteen months,” says Lars Hummelmose.

Difficult to get consultants
The short time frame also means that the hunting of qualified energy consultants will be difficult. Lars Hummelmose hopes that the Government is working to find more money for the initiative, so the system with the new energy consultants can continue and perhaps even be extended to new countries.

Is ready with 155 million DKK
Although there are only 10 million DKK here and now, trade and development minister Mogens Jensen (S) is very sympathetic to the idea that the focused effort to increase the export of Danish energy model abroad is here to stay.

“There is no doubt that we think it is a good investment. Therefore, there is a further 155 million DKK in the new export promotion strategy which we use to do the same as we do with the 10 million DKK”, says Mogens Jensen.