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Lars Gullev represented Denmark in Hungary

by Steffen

By invitation of the Embassy of Denmark in Hungary, our former chairman Lars Gullev, Director at VEKS, participated in the Annual Conference hosted by the Hungarian Association of District Heating Enterprises (Mataszsz) on November 15th. With the theme ‘Innovation in District Heating & Cooling’, this year’s conference had a Danish seminar session included in the program and aimed at promoting Danish district heating and district cooling on the Hungarian market.

Status on Hungarian District Heating
The Hungarian district heating sector considers the Danish system as a model to be followed. In this regard, the Hungarian Government has set objectives to ensure that district heating will play an increasingly significant role in the country’s new energy policy. For instance, a new District Heating Action Plan is currently under preparation and will focus on four areas: 1) Use of renewable energy, 2) Increased energy efficiency, 3) Expansion of the district heating market, and 4) Increased consumer awareness. Furthermore, new heat production technologies will be supported, especially biomass and geothermal projects.

Main Takeaways from VEKS’ Presentation
Lars Gullev held a presentation focusing on district heating companies’ innovation activities in Denmark. During his speech, Lars Gullev touched upon the history of district heating in Denmark, the Heat Plan in the Greater Copenhagen area and the 4th generation district heating (4GDH). As the presentation progressed, the audience was encouraged to reflect on five important questions; questions that contribute to the continual evolution of the Danish district heating journey:

      • Is it possible to secure a reasonable development in heat prices, energy efficiency and supply security, and at the same time put focus on CO2 reductions and renewable energy?
      • Which local and decentralized technologies fit together with DH? And which do not?
      • How large are the resources of industrial surplus heat and is it possible to utilize the resources?
      • Where and when should the next CHP plants be built?
      • How is the heat market expected to develop – energy savings, new buildings, converting individual natural gas to DH?

Stay Tuned this Spring
After the event, the Danish Embassy in Hungary kindly let us know that it was a pleasure to count on Lars Gullev’s expertise sharing. In light of this venue, DBDH has renewed the successful cooperation with Mataszsz: We have been asked to visit Budapest again on 23-24 April 2018, together with a Danish business delegation. Invitations for this event will sent out shortly.