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Lars Gullev, CEO at VEKS, has resigned from his position.

by Linda Bertelsen

By the end of 2022, Lars Gullev, CEO at VEKS, will resign.

Lars Gullev, portrait

After almost 25 years in the director’s chair, Lars Gullev has informed VEKS’ board that by the end of 2022, he wishes to hand over the function as managing director to new and fresh forces.

Lars Gullev’s decision to stop in the director’s chair is based on:

  • VEKS Strategy 2025 has come a long way, and the structure for the company’s development is fixed.
  • VEKS’ new board is competently consolidated from 1 January 2022.
  • The expansion of district heating in Køge with potentially 7,000 new end-customers before the end of 2028 has been launched and taken over by VEKS’ new distribution manager in mid-June 2022.
  • Lars would also like to slow down to realize his dreams concerning family, holidays, and leisure interests.

However, Lars does not reject continuing to be associated with VEKS as a senior consultant on a part-time basis, where he can contribute with his many years of knowledge and experience in the district heating/energy industry.

Recruiting a new director will be initiated within a short time.