Large investment ensures green and inexpensive heat

Date: 27/01/2016

Consumers belonging to supply company DIN FORSYNING in the Danish town Esbjerg can look forward to cheaper and greener heating. A 40-45 million DKK investment in flue gas condensation will guarantee just that.

The project proposal for flue gas condensation has just been approved by the local planning & environment committee.

The essence of the flue gas condensation is that it will become possible to draw significantly more heat out from the same quantity of waste than is currently the case at the incineration plant. The increased heat production will reduce the share of district heating from the Esbjerg plant.

The director of DIN Forsyning, Jesper Frost, is happy about the new project. “It fits well into our profile on greener and cheaper heating. The investment in flue gas condensation will mean that 14 percent more heat can be wihtdrawn from the same amount of waste. How big the investment will ultimately be is not fixed, as the project is subject to EU procurement right now. But it must of course in practice be paid back over the heat price”, he explains, adding that the 14 percent more heat is equivalent to the annual consumption of 3,600 standard households.