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Kiev residents facing chill

by dbdh

Half the residents of Kiev, Ukraine are in danger of being left without heat as winter approaches after the city’s electricity operator ordered gas pressure to be cut to combined heat and power plants.

Interfax Ukraine reports that over 7,000 Kyiv heat consumers (including houses, social sphere facilities) could be left without heating and hot water supplies in the coming first autumn frosts due to the fact that Kyivtransgaz cut gas pressure for combined heat and power plant five and combined heat and power plant six.

The gas pressure is reported to have been reduced as Kyivenergo owed $256m (UAH 2.1bn) to Naftogaz Ukrainy for gas consumed. The action has been a frequent occurrence in the winter months for the city.

At the moment Kyivenergo supplied heat to only 17.6% of residential buildings, 93% of kindergartens, 48% of schools and 82% of hospitals, as a result of the action.

Source: Cogeneration Newsletter