Kamstrup wins smart metering order for 1 million Danish households

Date: 09/04/2015

It has been announced that Kamstrup is the winner of a huge DONG Energy tender for 1 million remotely read electricity meters in Northern Zealand and the area of Copenhagen, Denmark.

After a tough selection process and in close competition with more than 30 international coorporations, Danish energy supplier DONG Energy Eldistribution has just announced that they have chosen Kamstrup as partner for rolling out and operating about 1 million remotely read electricity meters until 2034.

“I’m convinced that Kamstrup is the right partner for us. Every day, approximately 1,500 electricity customers will have their meter replaced in the period from 2017 to 2020 and together with Kamstrup, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that it takes place in a satisfactory way for our customers”, says Executive Vice President Morten Buchgreitz.

According to CEO Per Asmussen, the large 239 mio. Euros (rounded) order is a clear testament to the fact that Kamstrup has a highly competitive setup – not just in terms of producing high quality meters but also in terms of meter installations as well as the reading and hosting of meter data.

The best partner in smart metering
”We invest massively in the development of our solutions to continue to stay ahead of our competitors, and our innovative approach to the DONG project is one of the key reasons why we have won the order. The agreement is a clear sign that we are the world’s best partner in smart metering solutions today, and we have no plans for reducing our investments going forward”, marks Per Asmussen.

”With the OMNIA SUITE, DONG Energy has chosen a both reliable and secure solution. Moreover, the solution also offers an intelligent design that allows new functionality to be uploaded directly to the meters to ensure that the solution can live up to future demands as well”, says Per Asmussen.

With remote electricity meters and the introduction of hourly reading in Denmark, electricity customers will have their energy consumption measured once an hour going forward. Measurement on an hourly basis is a prerequisite for creating a more flexible electricity market with the possibility of better utilising the renewable energy production.

 Source: State of Green