Kaliningrad visiting DBDH

Date: 31/05/2013

On 30th May a delegation of representatives from 4 Kaliningrad region municipalities (Baltiysk, Pionerskiy, Svetlogorsk, Ozersk) headed by the Department of Kaliningrad Regional Government, visited DBDH to get inspiration of how the municipalities could improve their district heating schemes, which is now a prioritized task.

The visit was arranged in cooperation with Nordic Council of Ministers in Kaliningrad, which has  the project going on until December 2013 called “Energy cooperation with North-West Russia”. It started in 2008 and has been very successful. The main objective of the project is increasing energy efficiency in several focus areas. One of the focus areas in the project is district heating. The project activities are study visits, seminars, training, analysis, studies etc.

The delegation was received by Jan Elleriis, Vice Director, CTR, Anders Højgaard Kristensen, Danish Energy Agency and Pia Zimmermann, DBDH. The meeting agenda focused on characteristics of district heating in Denmark, tariffs, incentives, the CTR transmission system, DBDH activities in Russia, and was followed by a tour to see the control room, the peak load plant and the heat exchanger station.

On 31st May, the delegation visted one of the large utility members of DBDH, Forsyning Helsingør, where Erik Keis arranged a presentation of the natural gas fired CHP plant and the wood fired boiler plant.