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KAKTI AI software drives GEV’s green initiative, reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs.

by Linda Bertelsen
AI and digitalisation, Photo by Markus Spiske Iar

Entrepreneur Nick Laursen, who has been in residence at GEV since 2023, spearheads an AI software initiative, KAKTI, at GEV’s heating plant in Stenderup-Krogager. The primary objective is clear: diminish energy consumption, cut district heating expenses, and reduce carbon emissions.

AI-powered Optimization Tool

In collaboration with GEV’s operations and armed with access to operational data, KAKTI’s AI-powered optimization tool has demonstrated the potential to curtail energy consumption by 15-20%. By connecting consumption patterns, market data, and mathematical models, the software efficiently allocates heat production based on daily electricity prices, optimizing when electricity and gas consumption should occur. This strategic approach enables GEV to harness energy when it is most economical.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Co-founder Nick Laursen emphasizes the dual benefits: “Our initial results suggest a 15-20% reduction in energy costs at GEV’s heating plant, accompanied by time savings due to eliminating manual processes. Working alongside GEV, we aim to extend these savings to other plants.” The successful implementation in larger heating areas promises GEV a more flexible system with a stabilizing effect on consumer bills.

A Greener Future for GEV

Renowned for its green profile, GEV has long prioritized sustainability and economics. CEO René Heiselberg Gier acknowledges the importance of balancing economic considerations and environmental impact. KAKTI’s software aligns with this ethos, optimizing environmental and consumer conditions.

Scaling Impact

Nick Laursen envisions a broader impact, stating, “Looking ahead, electrification and district heating and cooling play a significant role. Optimizing solutions in this domain benefits not only GEV and its consumers but contributes to global sustainability.” KAKTI is seeking utility companies interested in similar pilot projects to expand its positive impact.

About GEV

Established in 1912, GEV is a local multi-supply company rooted in Grindsted, serving 7,000 homes daily with water, electricity, fiber, or heat. With a focus on sustainable development, GEV’s commitment extends beyond core services to include commercial activities supporting other utility companies.


KAKTI works purposefully to set new standards in the energy sector. KAKTI’s mission is to create and deliver innovative energy solutions that meet the needs of our society efficiently. By combining advanced technology with a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the energy market, we are committed to developing sustainable and efficient energy systems for the future society.

Contact: Nick Laursen, co-founder of KAKTI, nick.laursen@kakti.ai