Jens Dall Bentzen in the jury of European Patent price

Date: 19/02/2013

Jens Dall Bentzen has been appointed member of the panel behind The European Inventor Award 2013. It is the European Patent Office (EPO) that is behind the price.

The European Inventor Award is awarded to those who develop innovative inventions that change and improve the world in areas such as energy and energy consumption. The award is among the most respected.

Jens Dall Bentzen is himself internationally recognized for developing and patenting technologies for biomass gasification and combustion, including Dall Energy´s biomass oven which has very low emissions, and provides greater opportunities to utilize different fuels. Dall Energy´s biomass oven has great potential in the district heating sector.

Jens Dall was in 2011 awarded the European Inventer Award in the category “SME” and has also received several other awards for his invention including the Environmental Protection Agency´s Cleantech price.

Source: The Danish District Heating Association