Japanese delegation visits DBDH

Date: 23/08/2018

DBDH was delighted to have hosted a VIP Japanese delegation headed by the Chairman of Tokyo Gas and also Chairman of Japan Heat Supply Business Association.

Import of expensive fuels and therefore energy effiency are high on the agenda in Japan. Denmark has many of the solutions they are looking for and this is the reason for this and coming delegations from Japan.

jap del web

During the morning presentation, Logstor and Ramboll covered subjects were framework conditions and fundamentals of energy in Denmark, district heating as virtual storage for electricity and efficient pipes for district heating. A short visit to the Frederikberg Utility and CTR control room showcased the hub of the operation for the area.

The afternoon programme consisted of visits to a DH network construction site at the new transport center in Tranegilde hosted by VEKS and to Svebølle Visking District Heating Utility – co hosted by Arcon Sunmark, with focus on large scale thermal solar heating and biomass for DH.