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isoplus supplies pipes to a major project in Norway

by dbdh

The town Førde is located in Western Norway, about 170 kilometres north of Bergen. Here, a new district heating plant will begin its supply of energy to the central hospital, schools, hotels and other major customers at the beginning of next year.

The plant will supply both heating and cooling through a five kilometres long district heating pipeline. The pipes will be provided by isoplus.

“isoplus has entered into a large contract with a supplier in Bergen, and the good experience they have gained here – as well as a proper price and good quality of course – was instrumental in bringing about the contract with Førde”, says area manager Henrik Siegenfeldt.

Largest project
“This is our largest project in Norway at the moment, and being part of it is very exciting. Completely new district heating plants are built only seldom, and this plant will have more than one string to its bow, i.e. biofuel, electric boilers, heat pumps and district cooling. About 145 million Norwegian kroner will be invested, which makes it a rather high-profile project that will be closely observed by the industry – naturally, we are proud to be part of it”, says Henrik Siegenfeldt.

Shorter delivery time
isoplus in Middelfart has gradually increased its capacity significantly, a fact that has affected the deliveries to the Førde project positively, Henrik Siegenfeldt states.

“On its way from the plant to the central hospital, the pipeline will be crossing a river three times. Tunnelling work had to be carried out and a steel pipe had to be installed through which the district heating mains could be drawn without damaging the jacket pipes. For this purpose, we used slide shoes, produced in our almost newly acquired production hall in Middelfart. Also curved pipes were generally required in large numbers, and we have the qualifications and machinery to curve them in Middelfart. This helps shorten the delivery times, of course”, the area manager concludes.