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isoplus – new site development in Malling – a solid solution

by dbdh

Due to its wide spectre of educational and cultural offers as well as its commercial life Aarhus, in Jutland is a magnet that attracts great numbers of new residents – and this also makes itself felt in the surrounding communities.

In Malling 15 km to the south of Aarhus, too, where operations manager at the local heating plant Jan Møller is busy connecting new heat consumers to the district heating network.

“The town is developing a site of 32,000 square metres, which is intended for 300-400 detached houses. Currently, three apartment building projects are ongoing which include about 150 tenancies. Overall we expect 400-600 new consumers over the coming two to three years, so we are not bored at all, he says with a smile. Due to the increasing activity, the heating station, which has currently about 1,800 consumers, recently decided to hire their third employee to handle the operations”.

In connection with site development, residential housing development and renovation, Malling Heating Plant consistently uses alupex pipes from isoplus for branch lines – and actually in all places where it is feasible.

“alupex pipes from isoplus feature a smooth jacket pipe on which weld joints can be fitted. In my opinion this is a Rolls Royce model – it can’t be done any better than this”, says Jan Møller. He adds that the slightly thicker jacket also makes the pipes much stronger during the installation phase.

According to the operations manager isoplus is more than just a supplier to Malling Heating Plant. “We handle the planning of small and medium-sized projects ourselves in cooperation with isoplus; they perform the heat loss calculation, dimensioning and material specification of the pipe network and branch lines. We have an incredibly good cooperation – and they treat everyone decently, no matter if you are the manager of a large company or – like me – the operations manager at a small heating plant”, Jan Møller declares.