Invitation to Sino-Denmark Seminar on Sustainable Urbanisation

Date: 21/02/2013

Sino-Denmark Seminar on Sustainable Urbanisation
February 27th, 2013
Sal IV, 2nd Floor, Eigtveds Pakhus
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The World Bank project of China Heat Reform and Building Energy Efficiency was initiated as of September 2005. Under this project, Chinese government issued a series of policies, standard and specification in related to heating reform and energy efficiency in the building sector; promote heat metering and higher standards of energy efficient buildings; as well as push forward the implementation of heat reform and building energy efficiency in the cities of Northern China.
Supported by World Bank project, the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD) will send a delegation to Finland and Denmark in late February. The delegation will be headed by MoHURD and consists of high-level officials from local branches of MoHURD responsible for heating supply, building energy efficiency (please see attached delegation list). One of the delegation members is also a senior management of a large state-owned construction company. The purpose of this study tour is to learn about Danish experience in district heating, for example, building-level substation technology and its development model and policies, heat metering, sustainable urban planning and building energy efficiency, etc.

Purpose of the seminar:
Promote Danish experience, technologies and solutions in the district energy and sustainable urbanisation
Stimulate the network between Danish companies and key stakeholders in MoHURD and at Chinese local authority level

For more information about the seminar, please see the programme.

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Participation fee:
DKK 4625 per company including company presentation, max. two participants.
DKK 795 per person for company participation only.