Hydrogen and straw in new green symbiosis

Date: 15/01/2016

It sounds unbelievable, but in the same time very appealing. The Danish town, Korsør pioneers the development of new technology that produces green heat by uniting hydrogen production with straw-fired heating plants.

Straw and hydrogen in a green environmentally friendly symbiosis will ensure the citizens of the Danish town Korsør 100 percent green and very inexpensive district heating, as well as international awareness. Slagelse Municipality and Region Zealand will be EU’s stepping-stone to the entire Scandinavian region with regards to green hydrogen development.

In addition, Slagelse Municipality’s utility company will have their dream of a new straw-fired heating plant fulfilled, and the transport services organisation, Movia, will become the first to have 10 hydrogen-powered buses.

As a result, the prospects are good for Energy Park Korsør, and the initiative will be discussed and initiated today by the local politicians.

Chairman Villum Christensen is enthusiastic. And so is the deputy chairman Knud Vincent. Therefore, the ambitious energy project seems to have secured political support.

International companies will invest in, and establish the hydrogen production from which the new straw-fired heating plant on the neighbouring lot will receive 65 degrees Celsius hot water from the electrolysis of the hydrogen production.

Source: State of Green / Energy Supply