HRH Prince Consort to see Dall biomass plant

Date: 30/05/2013

On Wednesday June 5, HRC Prince Consort Henrik will visit Bogense District Heating Company and see how the citizens of the Danish town Bogense get their heating.

With a new type of biomass boiler, the city´s district heating system has a number of advantages,
including several choices of biomass type, low maintenance costs and low emissions.

The new biomass boiler from Dall Energy is a brand new type. The boiler is very simply designed and combines the internal combustion with gasification. Instead of making fire as in a traditional wood chip oven, it is the gas above the biomass that is incinerated.

The method also means that emissions of contaminated dust particles are smaller than normal. The oven is also designed to burn biomass with 60% moisture.

Source: Nordfyns Kommune