How to make room for 65,000 tonnes of wood pellets

Date: 19/05/2015

​The construction of a huge storage silo at Studstrup Power Station is reaching an important milestone.

The conversion of Studstrup Power Station near Aarhus has now reached an important milestone. A huge storage silo capable of holding 65,000 tonnes of wood pellets is ready to go into the second phase. The construction of the silo began in July last year and now, the concrete cylinder is ready, standing at a height of 20 metres and with a diameter of 70 metres. Now, the silo will be roofed.

Lars Lærkedahl, Project Manager in DONG Energy, said: “We expect that the construction of the silo will be completed in October and now that the concrete shell is ready, we’ve taken a major step forward. Apart from the construction of the silo, we’re also in the process of establishing more than 800m of closed conveyor belts for transporting the wood pellets from the vessels to the silo and further on to the boiler where they will be converted to green electricity and heat.”

More than 10,000 tonnes of concrete have been used to build the silo and underground corridors have been established for transporting the wood pellets from the silo and into the boiler via conveyor belts.

DONG Energy expects that the conversion of Studstrup Power Station will be completed during the summer of 2016 so that the switch to wood pellets instead of coal can be realised in autumn 2016. The conversion from coal to biomass is contributing significantly to the Danish city Aarhus’ goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030 and at the same time, 250,000 citizens of Aarhus can look forward to green district heating.


Source: State of Green / Dong Energy