by Linda Bertelsen
Banner presentation of Hot Cool no. 3, 2024

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In this Hot|Cool edition…

we’re diving deep into the critical topic of heat planning and its paramount importance in shaping the future of urban areas. Join us as we unravel why effective heat planning isn’t just a necessity but a fundamental pillar in ensuring fair, sustainable, and affordable heat solutions for communities across the spectrum – from cities to villages.

Discover why district heating is a cornerstone in the quest for livable municipalities and why the time to act is now!

🌱Utilization of surplus heat from Power-to-X and Carbon Capture in District Heating is a win-win.

In the journey towards a sustainable future, district heating networks are discovering a powerful new ally: surplus heat from Power-to-X and Carbon Capture processes. This dynamic duo has the potential to play a pivotal role in the way we think about energy efficiency and decarbonization in heating our homes and industries. Read about the duo in Jannick Hauschildt Buhl’s interesting article here 🔗

🏘️Community-owned District Heating Networks in Denmark

If authorities want to help communities establish and develop new district heating networks, it is essential that the community can get the first investigations financed. This can be obtained by loans from future suppliers and private funds that must only be paid back if the district heating network is established. Read the thought-provoking article by John Tang Jensen here 🔗

🎙️Podcast: Heat Planning is the Key to Green and Fair Heat

“What is the greater value of heat planning – to cities, citizens, and society? To give input on that topic, we have invited Mayor Steen Christiansen from the municipality of Albertslund, chairman of the heat transmission company VEKS, and board member of the Danish DH Association to discuss with Volker Kienzlen, Managing director of KEA, BW. Read more and tune in here 🔗

📱Perspectives on Key Digitalization Challenges within the District Heating and Cooling Sector

There is no doubt that the modern advancement of digital solutions is the driver of a new evolutional paradigm of the DHC concept, and we will see increased application and development of digital solutions across the thermal supply chain in the years and decades to come.
In this article, Oddgeir Gudmundsson provides his perspectives on these challenges and how solution providers can address them. Read the article here 🔗

Member Company Profile: Haderslev District Heating

The district heating in Haderslev was set free in 2021 after being cut off from an expansion of the supply area for 33 years. Thirty-three years of delineation between district heating and natural gas areas were politically replaced by free access to the deployment of district heating in those parts of the natural gas areas where a positive societal economy can be demonstrated. Read more about Haderslev District Heating Company here 🔗

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