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‘HOT STUFF’: Re-electrification of DH and future sector coupling technologies 

by Linda Bertelsen

Webinar about new solutions that provide low-emission sector coupling and integrate heating, cooling, and electricity supply.

Learn about heat & cold production, storage, re-electrification, digital control solutions, and future technologies. Listen to and interact with experienced people from utilities, academic, and technical solution providers. 

Publication date: February 24, 2021

Webinar program with presentations

  1. Welcome and introduction – Lars Hummelmose, DBDH
  2. Integrated Solutions for district energy and other future technologies – Per Steffensen and Frank Grundholm, ABB
  3. System integration of heat and electricity – how? –  Peter Sorknæs, PhD, Aalborg University
  4. Case Esbjerg, Denmark. The value of installing the world´s largest seawater heat pump with CO2 refrigerant – DIN Forsyning, Esbjerg, Denmark
  5. Sector coupling, heat & cold production, storage, re-electrification technologies – Raymond C. Decorvet, MAN Energy Solutions

Meet the experts

Per Steffensen
Sales Manager, ABB
Frank Grundholm
Vice President, Global HVACR Sales, ABB
Peter Sorknæs
Associat Professor, Aalborg University
Claus A. Nielsen
Business Development Director, DIN Forsyning
Raymond C. Decorvet
Senior Account Executive at MAN Energy Solutions

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