Components from seasonal storage to IoT

You have all waited for this issue – we finally dig into the components of district heating. From some of the largest components like a seasonal storage to the smallest as in a IoT valves.

We invite you to read through the magazine and learn about how to protect your pipe systems: Thomas from Eurowater shares his experience with protecting pipes from corrosion from both inside and outside. Peter from Logstor – a long time contributor to Hot Cool – teaches us about securing our network assets through a good planning and construction phase.

Using large scale storage for more than seasonal storage and transforming these “components” into smart energy storage is first demonstrated from a practical situation in Copenhagen by VEKS and Planenergi and later from a more theoretical approach from Alfred Heller from Niras.

We also have an article about large heat exchangers installed at Vestforbrænding. You will also enjoy reading about a close cooperation between a district heating company and Frese, that lead to the development of an IoT Bypass. Dall Energy has just signed an agreement to build a biomass boiler in France.

Albertslund District Heating Company, just outside Copenhagen, aims at having the entire system running at low temperature. 60 degrees flow by 2026! That’s how simple it can be said, but hard work will follow. Another city struggling – this time with pollution from coal furnaces – is the coldest capital in the world. Join us on a short trip to Ulaanbattar, the capital of Mongolia, were Cowi and EBRD together with the local government have great plans for district heating.

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