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Hot Cool no. 3/2022 is out now!

by Linda Bertelsen

The theme is “How to get started?”

Hot Cool no. 3/2022

Before we focus on the theme, we will focus on the European energy crisis – more specifically, the European gas crisis.

District Heating is also a way to get rid of gas.

District Heating can play an essential part in converting from gas to renewable heating. The whole of Europe is in a crisis. On the back of this enormous crisis, we have an energy crisis, where countries are being denied delivery of Russian gas or simply want to get rid of it.

The International Energy Agency has acted swiftly on this critical situation and released a 10-point plan to reduce the EU’s reliance on Russian gas. Unfortunately, district heating was not mentioned, even though our industry can support the goal. More importantly, we can do so with a future-proof solution to keep us on track for the green transition. District heating deserves a place in that report as well. We invite you to read the open letter sent to IEA from our chairman, Jørgen Nielsen.

And now back to the theme – How to get started?

You can look forward to some fantastic articles that give great input to “How to get started.” First, a team from Ramboll introduces the different roles different actors must take to make urban infrastructure projects successful. Read here

Maëlle Caussarieu, Energy Planner at the Municipality of Copenhagen, pinpoints two essential conditions that need to be in place to make DH fly. Read here

Next: the choice of components is essential – of course it is! Read how your Owner’s Engineer should play a vital role in ensuring the highest quality level of your system.

And finally. Denmark ranks at the top of the World Energy Councils’ energy security, energy equity, and sustainability rating. Read here

Of course, district heating is key – read how and why.