Home District Energy News HOT COOL NO. 2/2022 IS OUT NOW! “Conversion from gas – Diversity is more than fuel choices”

HOT COOL NO. 2/2022 IS OUT NOW! “Conversion from gas – Diversity is more than fuel choices”

This magazine was planned just before the crisis in Ukraine, and we did not have the chance to adjust the articles accordingly. Therefore, you may find that we avoid a situation – but we do not. Instead, we have a theme that is even more relevant and of concern to everyone in Europe, where we see strong demands to get rid of natural gas faster now than ever.

by Linda Bertelsen
Hot Cool No. 2/2022

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Germany’s ambitious plans

Germany is on the move with the new heat planning rules; in Denmark, we see a lot of small and large gas areas being converted away from gas one by one. We have a new heat plan called “Heat Plan Denmark 2021” that we now discuss how to make even more robust and faster to reach at least a part of our short-term goal to avoid gas.

Achieve lower return temperatures..

But we also have other articles that briefly touch on the theme “conversion from gas” – digitalization is essential and will lead to less heat demand and, therefore, less gas. The article is about achieving lower return temperatures – an important matter to become more efficient in our business.

Want better district heating networks? Let women flood in!

Our editorial this time is about women in our industry – and the fact that they are way too few. The lack of diversity in our business is well-known. Now they do something about it in the UK through the DH Divas – an exciting process to follow that already gives results. We all lack all skills; it is essential to invite everyone who shows interest in our industry. It is the only right thing to do, and it is also good common sense.”