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Hot Cool: Big markets China and Poland

by Kathrine

The new edition of Hot Cool has now been published and is also online.

In this issue, the theme is the big district heating markets China and Poland. The articles focus on most aspects of the two markets, including challenges and opportunities. In one article, for example, there is talk about a “big bang” of the Polish heating sector, and China is explored by, for example, Danfoss and the Danish Energy Agency with articles that explore both the past and the future when it comes the Chines district heating sector.

Read also the column, which in this issue is written by Managing Director of VEKS as well as Editor of Hot Cool, Lars Gullev, and an article by Paul Voss, Director of Euroheat & Power, Paul Voss, who brings us some thoughts and recommendations in regards to the utmost important area in EU (and elsewhere), namely heating and cooling.

You can also learn more about our featured member is this issue,  Aalborg CSP.

Read the magazine here