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Honorary Member and founder of DBDH, Lennart Larson has died

by dbdh

Chairman of DBDH, Lars Gullev, writes the obituary to Honorary Member and founder of DBDH, Lennart Larson, Odense:
It is with grief that we have received the notice of Lennart Larson´s death.
As Chairman of the Danish District Heating Association and Alderman in Odense in 1978, Lennart Larson took the initiative to found the Danish Board of District Heating – DBDH. Lennart Larson believed that the Danish district heating industry – also internationally – was at a very high level.  He therefore understood that the Danish exporting companies needed a joint platform in order to be able to make this consolidated experience available worldwide and increase the exports in the district heating sector. His vision was to include not only a number of manufacturers and consulting engineers – also district heating companies should be a part of DBDH as a showcase of state-of-the-art district heating.
25 years later, in June 2003, when DBDH celebrated its 25th anniversary, Lennart Larson was an invaluable and very helpful source to describe the history of DBDH. Lennart Larson attended the celebration of the anniversary at a large exhibition at Glostrup Park Hotel, and he was appointed an Honorary Member of DBDH.
We honor the memory of Lennart Larson.