Hofor aims at 85MW district cooling capacity

Date: 25/11/2015

Hofor Fjernkøling, which won the Gazelle Award for third time in a row, is now expanding its capacity and striving for 85 MW in district cooling agreements towards 2020.

Cold air to Copenhagen properties is good business. Hofor Fjernkøling A/S has delivered such a good financial account in 2014 that it is is among the fastest growing companies in Denmark. Resultantly, Hofor was handed over its third Børsen’s Gazelle Award.

As a matter of fact, the customer base in 2014 has challenged the capacity of Hofor’s two cooling centers – at respectively Adelgade and Tietgensgade in Copenhagen – so much that it currently is expanding the capacity of the center in Adelgade with 9 MW. A task to be completed by March 2016.

“We are primarily expanding to meet the needs of our new customers, aggregated to our network this year. We actually operate business somewhat backwards. When customers are connected to our supply network, we enhance the cooling capacity”, says head of district cooling in Hofor, Henrik Lorentsen Bøgeskov. “It means we minimize the risk of installing too much capacity, that will not be used”, he explains.

District cooling ambition
The Gazelle Award has been landed, but it is not here Hofors ambition lies.

“We originally had a plan up to 2015, where we had to achieve 50 MW in cooling agreements. We are close to that. We expect to reach this goal by the end of the year. Now we have a new plan towards 2020, going from 50 MW to 85 MW”, says Henrik Lorentsen Bøgeskov.

A large-scale plan that, in addition to the expansion of the existing district cooling network, will include new areas such as Ørestad and Sydhavn. A plan that is also expensive.

“The investments amount to hundreds of millions of Danish Kroner. How big it will be depends on how close the customers are to the existing network. We will, for instance, need to establish a new cooling central if customers south from Sydhavn jump on. Then the investment amount will be different”, he concludes.