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Hjoerring gets approval for wind turbines.

by Linda Bertelsen
Windmills in the sunset, photo: Anna Jimenez Calaf

The heating supply aims to future-proof local heat production with, among other things, wind turbines, electric boilers, and a wastewater heat pump.

Hjoerring Heating Supply is well on its way to electrifying its heat production. The first step in this direction has just received approval from the city council in Hjoerring Municipality, allowing the heating supply to establish two to three wind turbines close to its production facilities.

The project has been assessed by the municipality to be in line with the overall objectives of the future energy plan, explains Director Per Sørensen.

Increased renewable electricity production is needed so that heat production becomes both greener and locally produced. The idea behind the two to three wind turbines is that the electricity is used locally for heat production and by local businesses, says Per Sørensen.

According to the city council’s decision, the local ownership form – Hjoerring Heating Supply – supports the project, and it is emphasized that the establishment of the wind turbines will “provide cheaper heat to 10,000 consumers with Hjoerring Heating Supply and that efforts are being made to sell electricity to local businesses.”
The municipality also highlights that it will be easy to connect new businesses to the facility.

We will now prepare a planning basis and environmental assessments in collaboration with the municipality. If we subsequently obtain all approvals—including approval from our representative assembly—the construction of the wind turbines can begin in about a year, says Per Sørensen.

Electric boiler and heat pump

However, ambitions go beyond the two to three wind turbines, as Hjoerring Supply has also been working on establishing an electric boiler. Per Sørensen, the supply expects to place an order for a 55 – 60 MW electric boiler in March for commissioning later this year.

The director estimates that the electric boiler on a cold winter day will be able to cover approximately 60 percent of the heat production needs of Hjoerring Heating Supply.

In addition, the supply, in collaboration with Hjoerring Water Company, is investigating the feasibility of installing a 6 – 7 MW wastewater heat pump at the Hjoerring Treatment Plant in combination with wind turbines.
We are still in the investigation phase, and such a plant would not be operational until 2025/26 at the earliest, notes Per Sørensen, who emphasizes:
The overall objective of introducing even more production options into our heating supply is to ensure that we can continue to provide green district heating at a stable low price in the future.

The article is translated from the original article on the Danish District Heating Association’s website: https://danskfjernvarme.dk/uk

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