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by Linda Bertelsen

Hillerød Varme A/S supplies 75% of the Municipality of Hillerød (nearly 8,000 customers) with district heating (around 360,000 MWh/year).

All customer ties have been politically removed, which means that residents in the Municipality of Hillerød do not have to use the Hillerød Varme A/S as their source of heat supply. Thus, Hillerød Varme A/S acts in the free market which means there is a significant focus on the heat prices.

Primary supply areas for Hillerød Varme A/S are Hillerød City, Skævinge, Gørløse, St. Meløse and St. Lyngby. All towns are connected with transmission lines and are also connected to the Copenhagen Area. The primary production is centralized with localized backup (peak) production units in each local district.

Hillerød Fjernkøl A/S is to produce and supply district cooling to potential customers with significant demand. Although the company has yet to start its activities, there has already been signed a contract with the Region Hospital (Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland).

In 2018 Hillerød Kraftvarme ApS’ turnover was DKK 230,000,000. In the same year Hillerød Varme A/S’ turnover was DKK 170,000,000 with a DKK 20,117,000 profit.

Already 67% of the total district heating was CO2 neutral in 2018, and the ambition is to be fossil-free in 2025. This ambition, combined with an increased number of residents at a rate of approximately 1000 people a year (equivalent to a need of 405,000 MWh in 2025) requires a new focus and a detailed plan for possible conversion to green energy production which requires interdisciplinary studies and consequent investments in the years to come without increasing prices.

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Hillerød Forsyning
Solrødgårds Alle 6, 3400 Hillerød, Denmark ohs@hfors.dk Tel: +45 4823 1000 Direct: +45 2732 6898
Erik Werner Keis
Head of Energy Planning, Hillerød Forsyning