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Heat Planning Toolbox – inspiration for Germany

by Linda Bertelsen

The aim of the project was to support the regional energy agencies in BW through the creation of a heat planning toolbox containing a series of tools for municipal heat planning.

The toolbox targeted the situation in Baden-Württemberg (BW) but is generally applicable in many places. The toolbox was based primarily on tools and experiences from Denmark put into a German context. BW was the first state in Germany to require mandatory heat planning from all municipalities of a certain size, and the toolbox was designed to support both the regional energy agencies and municipalities directly.

The project organised a series of workshops with detailed discussions about planning tools aimed at making the toolbox fit the target group’s requirements.

You can download insights from these workshops, which inspired the toolbox development here.


Download the Heat Planning Tool Box (in German) 

Copy this link into your browser to download: https://dbdh.dk/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Warmeplanungs-Toolbox-v-1.3-DE_Public.pptx 

Download the Heat Planning Tool Box (in English) 

Copy this link into your browser to download: https://dbdh.dk/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Heat-Planning-Toolbox-v-1.3_Public.pptx


Title: Toolbox for Regional Energy Agencies in BW
In collaboration with: Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Baden-Württemberg (KEA-BW)
Supported by: The Danish Energy Agency 
Duration (status): 2021 (completed)
DBDH contacts: Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel  and Morten Jordt Duedahl

Contact information

Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel
Project Development Manager, DBDH
Morten Jordt Duedahl
Business Development Manager, DBDH
Christian Bjerrum Jørgensen
Energy Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Berlin
Max Peters
Head of the Competence Center for Heat Transition at the State Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg (KEA-BW)